Exploitation of Energy Resources

Petroleum is essentially a mixture of solid, liquid, and gas hydrocarbons. To maximize the efficiency of oil energy exploitation and solve the environmental problems caused by associated gas leakage, our company has developed a set of skid-mounted and energy-saving oil-associated gas processing equipment and block management schemes.

A one-stop total solution has obvious advantages in the current economic environment. It can help enterprises improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance the ability to resist risks, improve the quality of products and services, and enhance the cooperative relationship between customers and suppliers. Compared with the traditional single service, the one-stop integrated solution can provide a full range of services from the pre-project consultation to the post-project operation, avoiding the complex process of dealing with multiple suppliers, thus saving the time and cost of the enterprise. In the current competitive environment, choosing a one-stop overall solution is one of the important choices for enterprises to achieve sustainable development.

Associated Gas Processing

Associated gas is gas produced as a byproduct of the production of crude oil. Associated gas reserves are typically developed for the production of crude oil, which pays for the field development costs. The reserves typically produce at peak levels for a few years and then decline.

Key Advantages
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • Partner of state-owned enterprises
  • Shorten the cycle of Return of Investment
  • Optimizing energy block resource allocation and Organizational structure
Carbon reduce

BAOLIN Energy offers clean energy as the main method to help reduce carbon emissions on local oilfield and gas treatment station.

Cost reduce

As the original skid-mounted equipment manufacturer, BAOLIN Energy can utlized the maxim resrouce with the lowest cost than any other companies.

Risk reduce

The company has a number of experienced experts and project performance to ensure the safe of any project it set. 100% safe is the first goal of the company.

Block Development

we provide professional engineering design services based on project needs and customer requirements, including project scheme design, technical process design, equipment selection, engineering layout, etc. Through detailed design solutions, Baolin Energy will provide customers with efficient, sustainable and low-cost solutions.

Associated gas processing

In the procurement stage, we provide customers with a range of procurement and supply services to ensure the quality and supply capacity of raw materials and equipment for the project. These services include equipment procurement, raw material procurement, logistics management, etc., to ensure the efficiency and stability of the supply chain.

Skid-mounted Equipment

In the construction stage, we provide professional engineering construction services, including equipment installation, site construction, quality supervision and so on. Baolin Energy will provide customers with comprehensive engineering construction solutions to ensure the efficiency, safety and quality of the project.

Green hydrogen market

In the project operation stage, we provide equipment maintenance, equipment upgrade, data monitoring and other services to ensure the long-term stable operation of the project. we also empower our customers to achieve the most efficient energy management plan, and to reduce costs of their projects.

Post-managed service

On the other hand, we provide a full range of post-management services based on the actual situation of each project, including equipment maintenance, equipment upgrade, data monitoring and other services to ensure the long-term stable operation of the project.

Project Development Process
  • Preliminary exploration
  • Technical Plan
  • E.P.C
  • Final acceptance


Ethylene glycol sewage Treatment device

SEG Luoyang R & D Center biochemical sewage treatment device skid installation equipment.

GUCHENG Mixed hydrocarbon station

The station is mainly used to process and recover associated gas generated from crude oil exploitation.

Sulfur-resistant conversion methanation lateral line

Currently the largest coal hydrogen production unit in China.

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